Print Article: Effectiveness of a heel cup with an arch support insole on the standing balance of the elderly

Chen TH, et al. - The aim of this study was to design a new insole and to explore the effectiveness of the insole on the standing balance of the healthy elderly. Researchers found that a heel cup with an arch support insole is effective in enhancing the standing balance of the elderly and may be of benefit in preventing falls.

Patients older than 65 years at an outpatient clinic in a community hospital who were without abnormal gait patterns, lower limb deformities, or foot pain were enrolled.Subjects were assigned to good- and poor-stability groups on the basis of the stability index (SI), using the Biodex(R) Balance System.45 subjects wore the insole for 8 weeks for a minimum of 4 hours/day.A static balance test for SI was performed at the initial meeting and 8 weeks after the assigned insoles were worn for each subject.
25 patients comprised the good-stability group, and 20 the poor-stability group.SI before and after intervention was significantly different for all 45 participants (3.244?0.688 vs 3.064?0.671; PThe differences in SI before and after the intervention both in the good-stability group (2.764?0.546 vs 2.592?0.538) and the poor-stability group (3.845?0.188 vs 3.655?0.128) were statistically significant (PNo statistically significant difference on changes of SI were seen between the two groups.